Our Brand-New JIA Digital Membership! 

18 January 2022

We are so pleased to announce we have launched our Brand-New JIA Digital Membership!   

Over the years we have been very aware that inflammatory arthritis can affect any one of any age, with everyone having different requirements and we want our Membership offerings to show this 

With this new JIA Digital Membership, we want to bring you the news, updates, events, and research that is relevant to YOU straight to your device! 

JIA covers a broad spectrum of ages, from babies to adults with JIA. It can be a difficult journey, from diagnosis to living with JIA, and can affect the whole family. That is why at JIA-at-NRAS we want to build the community that is so important and give you the access and information that is relevant to you. 

With our new JIA Digital Membership, you will receive:

  • JIA E-News Monthly 
  • Digital JIA Magazine twice a year (name to be decided by our JIA community!)  
  • Quarterly Members only Facebook Lives

 All this for only £17 a year! 

You will be joining a fantastic community, and you can be proud to be part of an exciting new chapter at JIA-at-NRAS – Sign up for your Membership today! 

Join us today and you will receive your first Digital Edition of the magazine! 

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