Event, Happening 6 Nov 2020


#WearPurpleForJIA is an annual campaign dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the benefit of those living with JIA.
6 Nov 2020

About #WearPurpleForJIA

For the past three years Lynette and NRAS have campaigned to raise awareness of JIA and funds for JIA-at-NRAS through the #WearPurpleForJIA day.

Lynette said: “Wear Purple has spread far and wide with people and places all over the UK being involved. It has connected people who thought they were on this journey alone and now they have found support and friendships.”

Despite Farah undergoing recent surgery, she and Lynette are still very committed to #WearPurpleForJIA. This year, Lynette and Farah have agreed to be the patrons of #WearPurpleForJIA at NRAS and we are all delighted.

How you can get involved

Step 1: Order your free #WearPurpleForJIA pack and purchase some additional merchandise if you wish! (Packs and merchandise will be available soon!)

Step 2: Plan your fundraising event for 6th November or on another date which suits you

Step 3: Wear Purple on 6th November! Raise lots of awareness and funds for JIA

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Check out our Facebook page to chat with others putting on events, ask questions and take a look at photos from previous years.

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