About #WearPurpleForJIA

During the run up to Wear Purple Day this year we have decided to roll out our first ever JIA Awareness week!

#WearPurpleForJIA,  17 June

#SameJIADifferentDay, 13 – 17 June


Lynette Haselip’s daughter, Farah Mills, was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) after she woke up on Christmas morning over seven years ago with a swollen ankle.

​Since 2016 Lynette and NRAS have worked together to raise awareness of JIA and funds for JIA-at-NRAS through the #WearPurpleforJIA day.

​Lynette said: “Wear Purple has spread far and wide with people and places all over the UK being involved. It has connected people who thought they were on this journey alone and now they have found support and friendships. When I started the campaign, I never thought it would be as big as it is now with so many people involved.”

Lynette recalled being told about her daughter’s illness and how it inspired her to start fundraising. She said: “Never in a million years did I think that I would be told Farah had arthritis. I didn’t even know children could have arthritis. This made me and Farah more determined to share #WearPurpleforJIA as far and wide as we can to raise as much awareness surrounding this as possible.”

In 2019 Lynette and Farah agreed to be the patrons of #WearPurpleForJIA at NRAS and we are all delighted. Lynette and Farah will continue to be great ambassadors for this campaign, raising awareness and funds wherever they can.

NRAS this year will hold our first ever JIA Awareness Week 13-17th June. Join our Facebook live session during the week. Get involved with fundraising on #WearPurpleforJIA at NRAS on Friday 17th. We hope this year to bring you something different and informative. We need you to help us raise awareness about this fluctuating condition and to help raise funds for JIA at NRAS with your Wear Purple events and fundraising.

#WearPurpleForJIA fundraising packs will be available to order soon!

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