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I will always remember the day my daughter was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)… it was heartbreaking. I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old and even though I thought I knew everything about the condition, the amount of information and the advancement in medications meant that I was completely overwhelmed.

NRAS wants to set up a new service called ‘New2JIA Right Start’ to help families of a young person or child who has been recently diagnosed with JIA, just like my daughter and Imogen.

This service will be a lifeline for so many, and would have helped Imogen and her family when she was first diagnosed.

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Imogen’s Story

My name is Hannah and this is my daughter, Imogen, when she was first diagnosed with JIA at the age of 2. I can still remember the day we were given the diagnosis as though it were yesterday.

We were all so confused and scared… Why is this happening? How do we fix it? Would my little girl ever recover?

All of a sudden one morning, Imogen woke up and refused to walk. She had been complaining that her legs were hurting and soon after, every movement became a limp, she was crying every day and my little girl, who was once full of sparkle and energy, became a shadow of herself.

Before Imogen’s diagnosis I had never heard of the condition, let alone what she would need to manage it. I felt so isolated and confused.

Then I discovered NRAS and JIA-at-NRAS, who have done so much for Imogen and my family, and they want to help more children and families with JIA. This is where you can help.

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Here is how New2JIA Right Start will work:

After diagnosis, the young person will be referred to the JIA team through the New2JIA Right Start service by their health professional.

The JIA team will:

  1. Contact the family and arrange a call to relieve parents and carers of their anxieties and concerns as well as answer any question they have surrounding their child’s diagnosis.
  2. Arrange a follow-up call to see how families are coping with the recent diagnosis and to offer an empathic ear.
  3. Connect the family with another parent of a child with JIA for peer-to-peer support.

Could you spare £37.26 to pay for 3 follow-up calls offering guidance and support to families?

If you can help us today, it will make a huge difference to a child’s tomorrow.

Will you help more children like Imogen through our vital services?

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