Do you want to act in a movie? Are you aged between 7 to 13 and living with JIA?

02 December 2019

An award winning filmmaker is looking for a young actor with Juvenile Arthritis, female or male, age 7-13, to play the lead role in a new short film about an astronaut called The Boy (or Girl) from Outer Space.

The writer and director Tom Beckwith Phillips is himself a someone who has lived with JIA since age 7, and the film aims to shed light on the experience of being diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis.

This is an amazing opportunity for any young artists out there with JIA to explore acting, and to be in a movie! (you get to wear a space suit too J)

The film will be a 2-day shoot in London, transport and accommodation provided as and if required.

So, potential young astronauts, please make a self tape with an iphone or camera answering the following questions, and upload it here before DEC 13th

  1. Your name
  2. Your age
  3. A little bit about you?
  4. Who is your favourite movie character and why?
  5. Would you like to go to space, and if so, why? 
  6. Finally, please include your parents’ name and email address