Refer a family to JIA-at-NRAS

JIA-at-NRAS works in partnership with the NHS to offer its information and support services to families and patients who have Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). As a Health Professional, all you have to do is submit a quick form to refer your family to JIA-at-NRAS. We take care of the rest!

I am ready to refer a family

About our referral service

At JIA-at-NRAS, we recognise that receiving a JIA diagnosis can be overwhelming but getting the right support for JIA from the outset can give newly diagnosed young people and their families the knowledge and confidence to manage the condition in the most effective and positive way possible.

Once you refer a family to our New2JIA Right Start service, we get in touch and offer them an extensive range of information and support.

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How your patient will benefit

By referring your family(s) to JIA–at-NRAS, you will be sign-posting them to friendly, empathetic, expert staff, tailored evidence-based support and peer support at an individual and/ or community level.

Your families will:

  • Not feel alone during a daunting and overwhelming time.
  • Better understand what JIA is.
  • Know how it can affect their child and them as a parent.
  • Get the right support.
  • Feel more in control of managing their child’s condition.
  • Talk to another parent who has a child with JIA.
  • Access useful publications and resources.

In summary

Here is how the service works in four simple steps:

  1. HCP ‘Refer a Family’ and fill out a simple form.
  2. Family is contacted by JIA-at-NRAS to arrange a group online call with other families referred to the New2JIA Right Start Service (children can attend as well, 13 years and above).
  3. Families attend the group online call to learn more about JIA and ask any questions. After the call, your family will be sent a customised information pack.
  4. Follow up online call approximately 10 weeks after to discuss how they are getting on and a referral to parent peer support if necessary.

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