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Annual Corporate Membership

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS), is the only patient-led organisation in the UK specialising in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Due to its targeted focus on RA and JIA, NRAS provides truly expert and wide-ranging services to support, educate and campaign for people living with these complex autoimmune conditions, their families and the health professionals who treat them.

Our vision is to support all with RA or JIA to live life to the full, with an underpinning mission to:

  • support everyone living with the impact of RA or JIA at the start and every step of their journey
  • to inform – be their first choice for reliable information, and
  • empower all to have a voice and take control of their RA or JIA

Our corporate Members are very important to us in both raising awareness of these diseases and the work we do as well as contributing to the funding of our work.

NRAS has developed this Corporate Membership scheme to help businesses demonstrate their commitment to supporting the MSK community and in particular RA and JIA. The funds generated will allow the Society to continue to play an important role in supporting, informing, educating and advocating at all levels for all those affected by these diseases.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Reinforce your reputation as a socially responsible organisation, sending positive messages to your customers, staff, suppliers and the communities in which you operate
  • Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility and a way to demonstrate your company values, commitment to staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction – Employees unite around a cause and are better motivated and more productive.
  • Two visits a year to the NRAS office for us to update you on work we are participating in and what we have planned and to hear how you might like us to work with you
  • Annual Lunch and Learn visit from NRAS, to your offices, to inform staff about both RA and JIA, as well as to the benefits patient organisations have for patients
  • Invite to NRAS Parliamentary events
  • Invite to NRAS external events such as Information Days and Corporate Events
  • The opportunity to be involved in research projects and surveys which we carry out or are asked to collaborate with
  • Copy of the NRAS Magazine, published 3 times a year, containing latest information on treatments, research, activity in the MSK field and an update on NRAS’s activities
  • Receive a copy of the NRAS Annual Review, summarising the year’s achievements, plans for the coming year and showing who our corporate partners are
  • Listing on the NRAS website and in the NRAS Magazine of corporate Members to show support

How you Help NRAS

  • Helping fund our services which aim to support, inform and educate to lead to people with RA feeling more empowered to self manage their disease and lead a better life
  • Raising awareness of both RA/JIA and the work NRAS does
  • Helping to widen our supporter base and potentially attract people to take part in challenges and fundraising activity
  • Encouraging collaborative working across industry and patient organisations


Corporate Membership is £10,000 pa

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