New Guidelines on the management of chronic pain in children

12 February 2021

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have issued new guidelines on the management of chronic pain in children including those with arthritic conditions i.e., JIA. WHO is a specialised agency under the United Nations responsible for public health. Guidelines are there to support countries and their partners to develop and implement national and local policies, regulations, pain management protocols and best practises for pain relief.

Based on the most current scientific evidence, the new WHO guidelines for the management of chronic pain in children aged 0 -19 years recommend three areas of interventions for pain relief:

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Psychological therapy
  3. Pharmacological management

This new guideline replaces the previous guideline recommending pharmacological treatment of persistent pain in children with medical illnesses. WHO have now recognised that chronic pain in conditions such as JIA are complex and multidimensional and cannot be treated with medication alone. The guidelines include 10 best practise statements which apply to all aspects of the clinical care of a child with chronic pain, including the planning, implementation and delivery of physical, psychological and pharmacological interventions.

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