Our new JIA medicines booklet

18 June 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new JIA booklet ‘Medicines in JIA’. The focus of this booklet is on the medicines that are used to treat JIA, but it also contains information about what parents and young people with JIA can expect at every stage from diagnosis onwards, showing that medicines are only one part of treatment.  

Starting medication for the first time, or starting a new medication can be daunting for young people and parents. Your healthcare team will support you through this process, and we wanted to create a booklet that will help to compliment that support, helping to answer some common questions and concerns and talking you through how medication fits into the JIA journey. 

This booklet was made in close partnership with parents, young people and healthcare professionals. In it, you will find a directory containing detailed information on each of the JIA medicines, as well as information on how the immune system works, the support you can get from your healthcare team and other ways that you can help manage JIA alongside medication.  

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