Create a Fundraiser on Facebook


NRAS is incredibly grateful for the support shown for JIA-at-NRAS on our Facebook pages. More and more of you are creating Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays, special anniversaries, in memory of a loved one, events you’re participating in or just to raise awareness of JIA. Don’t’ forget that if it’s your birthday, Facebook will even donate on your behalf!

Below are some hints and tips to making the most of your Facebook Fundraiser:

Tell your story – If you have a connection to RA/JIA or a personal reason for supporting NRAS, be sure to tell everyone about it. By sharing your story, your friends, family and supporters will be more likely to donate generously to your fundraiser. 

Ask generous friends and family first – Once your page is set up, ask a generous friend or family member to make the first donation. Studies have shown that people tend to match existing donations on the page.

Tell people why they should care – Share statistics, videos, posts about how you close to your target you are, how your birthday/event went – anything to keep your supporters updated and make them feel connected to the cause.

Thank people publicly Make sure you say thank you to your generous Facebook friends publicly on your timeline, you can even tag them into the post itself. That way everyone can see it, as well as their own Friends, which could inspire and remind others to donate too! Besides, saying thank you never hurt anyone, it’s just good manners!

You can find our PDF guide to Facebook Fundraising and online tutorial below.

If you need help creating a Facebook Fundraiser or other fundraising page, do contact the team on 01628 823524 or email

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