#WearPurpleForJIA Fundraising Ideas


Wear Purple at School

#WearPurpleForJIA at NRAS. Get your school involved by asking your school to support the cause by letting pupils and staff wear purple clothing on Friday, 6th November 2020. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Once you have received your Wear Purple pack take it into your school or nursery to get them involved and agree to taking part on 6th November!
  • Advertise the day in and around your school using the blank posters provided inside the pack.
  • Let people know about JIA by displaying the ‘What is JIA?’ poster next to your event poster.
  • Get the school to add it to the school newsletter or send it via email to parent contacts. 
  • Ask classmates to donate £1 or a suitable donation on the day.
  • Find something purple to wear and have fun!

Organise a Purple Bake Sale at School

Hosting a Purple Bake Sale with your friends at school can be fun, with delicious fairy cakes and cookies for everyone, and plenty of purple icing and decorations!

Plan your Bake sale

  1. Ask permission, from your Headteacher to hold the sale.
  2. Advertise your Bake Sale using the posters provided in the Fundraising pack or by sending photocopied leaflets home with your classmates.
  3. Get everyone baking and donating cakes and cookies to sell on the day. 
  4. If you are holding a Bake Sale make sure you clearly price your cakes and cookies.
  5. Ensure all items baked or donated are clearly labelled for allergen advice.
  6. Decorate your tables with your balloons and stickers and put out your collection boxes on the day.
  7. Ensure you have enough help on the day of the Bake Sale and have some bags for people to take away their purchases. 

Wear Purple at Work

No matter how big or small your company, there are several ways you can support #WearPurpleforJIA at NRAS in 2020.  With a charity partnership or charity event, you, your company and your colleagues can help to raise vital awareness of JIA and help to support children and young people in the UK who live with the condition and rely on NRAS for support.

To help publicise your event you could change your email signature temporarily to include information on the fundraising activity. Your HR department will know if the company operates a “matched giving” policy so the funds you raise could be doubled!

Order your free #WearPurpleForJIA pack to get started and then visit the Wear Purple for JIA website shop for official merchandise.

The NRAS Fundraising Team are here to support you so please contact us if you need some help!

Here are some ideas to get you started:​

The Great Office Bake-off: Everyone loves eating cake and we bet there are people in your office who love baking it too! Set a date for your bake-off and email your colleagues asking any star bakers to enter the competition. Share with your colleagues so that they can come along, eat cake and judge the winner. You could charge people for every slice they try and ask them to mark each slice out of 10.

Quiz Time: Source a room in your office (make sure it has a projector screen) and host an office quiz at lunchtime or after work. You could include a round on music, photos and even company knowledge to really test your colleagues. Ask for donations from everyone who enters.

Guess the Baby: Ask everyone in the team to send you a baby photo of them and pin the photos up in your main meeting room. Charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess which baby is who. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Dress Down Purple Day: This one works best if your office has a strict dress code and people would love to be more casual for a day. Ask everyone who dresses in purple to give a small donation.

Doughnut Day: Did you know that Krispy Kreme sell doughnuts at a discounted price if they’re going to be resold at a charity event? Get your hands on some and sell them to your office colleagues at the recommended retail price. You can donate the difference to charity.

Please don’t forget to share your office fundraising day and images on social media. We would love to see them and share them!

Individuals or Families

#WearPurpleForJIA at NRAS can be as simple as organising a purple-themed tea party or simply wearing purple and spreading the word on social media on 6th November!!

There is a whole host of activities you can plan and organise, at home, in a local hall, in your garden or local park the list and ideas are endless, let your imagination run a purple riot! 


  1. Advertise your fundraiser using the posters provided in the Fundraising pack or send invitations to guests.
  2. If doing a bake sale or Tea Party get friends and family to bake and donate cakes.    
  3. If you are holding a Tea Party set an amount to charge people or ask for donations on the day.
  4. Ensure all items baked or donated are clearly labelled for allergen advice.
  5. Decorate your tables or venue with balloons and stickers from your #WearPurpleforJIA pack and put out your collection boxes on the day.
  6. Ensure you have enough help on the day of your event to make it a huge success. 
  7. Finally don’t forget to get lots of photos and share them on social media.

The Fundraising team are here to help you every step of the way so please do contact us to discuss any fundraising ideas for support on information in holding your #wearpurpleforJIA at NRAS event.

How to pay in funds

There are different ways you can pay in the funds you have raised from your #WearPurpleForJIA fundraising activities. Included in your Fundraising guide is a handy paying in slip which you can present at a bank with your cash or cheque.

Other ways to pay funds are:

Click here to pay in your funds online.

Pay your money via credit or debit card directly by calling NRAS on 01628 823524 and press 2 for fundraising.

Please send a cheque made payable to ‘NRAS’ and send to: Ground floor, 4 Switchback Office Park, Gardner Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7RJ. Please remember to write your name and address on the back of the cheque.

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