Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) and Covering Letter

Schools have a duty to ensure that children with any medical condition or disability are enabled to play a full part in school life. An IHP can help give schools the information needed to achieve this.


How schools meet the education needs of pupils with health conditions depends on guidance and legislation which varies across the four nations. In England and Wales, schools must fill in an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP). Please note this is different to the Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. Although they are not routinely used in Scotland and Northern Ireland, completing a template for an IHP can still be a useful basis for discussions with the school, as it covers a lot of useful information in one document and should be seen as an agreement between the school, parents/carers and children.

The IHP should cover:

• Medical needs and details of symptoms, triggers, signs, treatments, facilities, equipment or devices, environmental issues, etc.

• Name of medication, dose, method of administration, when to be taken, side effects, contra-indications, administered by/self-administered with/without supervision

• Daily care requirements

• Specific support for the pupil’s educational, social and emotional needs

• Arrangements for school visits/trips. etc.

• Other information

• Who is responsible in an emergency (state if different for off-site activities)

Some schools use the template from the Department of Education

Below is copy of the template showing how it can cover JIA. This can be easily adapted to your child’s individual needs.

Healthcare is Schools Alliance website also have more information about the IHP and what should be covered for those with JIA.

In addition, it would be good to send a covering letter to your child’s school when you receive the diagnosis of JIA or moving schools. This will give them more information about the condition along with JIA Explained and Managing JIA in School booklets.

Below is a covering letter (based one posted on a Juvenile Arthritis Friends Facebook page), which has been changed to cover the IHP. Again, this can be easily adapted to cover your child’s individual needs.