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#WearPurpleForJIA is an annual campaign dedicated to raising awareness and NRAS funds for the benefit of those living with JIA. Our usual #WearPurpleForJIA day will be happening on Friday 7th July, during JIA Awareness Week!
7 Jul 2023

About #WearPurpleForJIA

NRAS have been involved with #WearPurpleForJIA since 2016, which is when Lynette Haselip a Mum who young daughter Farah had been diagnosed with JIA came up with the whole idea to get more people aware of JIA in children.

Like many parents whose children are diagnosed it came as a shock and not realising that children could get arthritis too. Farah continues to struggle with her JIA but like most of the children, young people and families we now know well she never gives up and is an inspiration to us all. Lynette and Farah are stalwart supporters of the campaign and became Patrons of #WearPurpleForJIA in 2019.

#WearPurpleForJIA has spread far and wide with people and places all over the UK being involved. It has connected people who thought they were on this journey alone and now they have found support and friendships.
Lynette Haselip

NRAS have grown and built this special campaign over the past few years. This year will see a JIA Awareness week from the 3rd – 7th July culminating in #WearPurpleforJIA fundraising day on Friday 7th July.

We hope like us you are excited to get involved, help raise awareness and funds for our JIA services.

How you can get involved

Step 1: For a #WearPurpleFor JIA pack please email fundraising@nras.org.uk with your name and address (and school name if appropriate). Thank you.

Step 2: Get involved in our JIA Awareness week 3rd – 7th July 2023 #BustingJIAMyths

Step 3: Plan your fundraising event – ask your school to support #WearPurpleForJIA day with a non-uniform day on Friday 7th July. Have fun and stay safe!

Downloadable Resources

Here are some resources you can use to help you fundraise for #WearPurpleForJIA

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