Attending school is a huge part of a child’s life. It provides structure and stability, as well as helping children develop crucial social, emotional and behavioural skills. Just as getting the right help at work is crucial for any grown up living with a health condition, the same is true of education settings for children. 


It is just as important for you to help your child’s school and teacher(s) to understand their condition, how it might affect them in lessons and how they can support them.

Our booklet Managing JIA in School provides information on all aspects of education and is a useful resource for parents, teachers and for the child themselves. We also have a range of articles aimed at improving the experience of going through school with JIA, with helpful information on a range of aspects of school life, including completing an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) and covering letter to the school, coping with exam stress and minimising the effect of heavy school bags on the joints.

Managing JIA in School

Managing JIA in School is a guide for everyone who works in an educational setting with children 10 years old and above and for parents/carers who have education-related questions.


Articles on Education